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Stanrose® EPO UL       Stanrose® EPO PRIME

Stanrose® EPO UL  (Industrial Epoxy Flooring & Lining)                                                                                                   

Product Description : STANROSE® UL is a three component system based on Epoxy resin specially designed to impart high mechanical strength and good chemical resistance to flooring systems. It is usually used as an intermediate coat before final self leveling screed.

The cured composition is a tough, non dusting and has excellent adhesion to variety of substrates including concrete.

Where to Use ?
Automotive Industry   Engineering Industry   Beverages and Foodstuff Industry   Manufacturing Plants   Refineries   Aviation Hangars   Electronics and Electrical Industry   Chemical Industry   Power Plants  Textile and Paper Mills   Retail Stores   Commercial Kitchens   Prisons   Schools   Hospitals  Precision Engineering   Pulp & Paper Mills   Waste Water Plants   Hotels / Casinos   Railcar Facilities   Zoo & Veterinary Facilities need chemical spills   Warehouses, Ramps, Garages and Aircraft hangers etc.

Product Features :
When used for flooring and Mortar Screeds :
Forms joint less flooring
Non dusting and easily cleanable
Very high mechanical strength
Excellent chemical resistance
Hard wearing
Excellent antiskid properties

When used as Lining :
Excellent adhesion to various substrates
Faster curing
Excellent resistance to chemicals
Highly useful for joints of Acid/Alkali resistant Brick/Tile Lining

Production Specification :

Av. Film Thickness



Serrated Trowel

Cure Time

Initial Cure ? 6 hrs

Full Mech. Cure

48 hrs

Full Chemical Cure

7 days


Gloss/Semi Gloss

Pot Life

30 min.

Mixing Ratio


Curing Agent

Silica Aggregates

Ready for use

To walk ? 24hrs.

To light traffic

48 hrs.

Application Method :
The various components are thoroughly mixed together as per specifications and applied on clean and previously primed surface to the desire thickness by means of trowel and finish to uniform and smooth surface.

Handling and safety :
Keep the containers tightly sealed when not in use. Avoid skin contact as far as possible. Wash with plenty of water if comes in body contact. In case of irritation contact physician.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the specifications. Stanrose products are guaranteed against material manufacture and are sold subject to company's Terms and Conditions of Sale. Whilst we endeavour to ensure that advice, specifications, recommendations and information given is correct, we cannot have control over how our products are applied and will not accept liability, directly or indirectly.


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