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Stanrose PU Re-Finish Coating                                                                                                                              
The Protective Coating

Introduction :
STANROSE has Introduced a new Superlac Polyurethane re-finish coating systems.


Application & Features :
High Gloss and smooth finish lacquer & paint for Automobiles, Brass, Helmets, Furniture, Metal, Leather, Glass, and Plastics, FRP & Polyester film coating.
Tough and High performance decorative & Anti ? corrosive coatings.
Clear, Hard & Abrasion resistant
Excellent resistant to UV & Sunlight
Excellent colour retention
Very fast and rapid drying
Do not support algae and fungus
Good adhesion to epoxy as over coating

Mixing Ratio :
For Exterior 3:1 by volume
For Interior 4:1 by volume

Properties of Components :

Typical Properties & Mixing Ration :
  SUPERLAC PU RESIN   75 pbw or 80 pbw
  HARDENER   25 pbw or 20 pbw
  STANROSE THINNER No. 75   50-60 pbw
  VOLUME   3:1:2
  POT LIFE   4-6 Hrs.
  TOUCH DRY   10-15 min
  RE-COATING TIME   6- 8 Hrs.
  THEORETICAL COVERAGE @ 35   40 MICRON DFT(8 TO 10 per liter)
  VOLUME SOLID   Approx 50%
  COLOUR   Range
  SHELF LIFE   6 Months from the Date of Manufacturing


  Mix Resin & Hardener 3:1 or 4:1 by volume or the above ration and add Stanrose Thinner No. 75 as per the  
  required consistency. Keep for 10-15 minutes for Maturation. Apply by Brush, Spray or Roller on the pre-treated  
  surface of the substrate.


  The Polyurethane (isocynate) hardener is highly moisture sensitive and hence should not be exposed to    
  atmospheric humidity. Therefore the hardener should be used at the earliest, once the lid is opened which is
  stored tightly sealed containers.



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