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Stanrose® Epoxy Coving                                                                                                      

Product Description :
Stanrose® Epoxy Coving
is a 3-part epoxy based high strength mortar that forms an bacterial resistant, chemical & abrasion resistant coving in the juncture of wall & floor as well as between wall to wall.
Ideally suited for application in sterile areas for hygiene. It can be laid in varying dimensions like 100mm x 100 mm , 75mmx100 mm which is suitable for wall to floor junction and generally 25 mm x 25mm for wall to wall pencil coving. Over coating with epoxy coating/topping is mandatory to achieve aesthetic appeal & also to obtain hygienic environment.

Areas of Application :
Typical areas like in the junction of floor to wall and wall to wall in sterile areas, ICU ICU ICU s ,blood bank, etc particularly where dust accumulation, bacterial growth is inevitable.

Features & Benefits :
Easily applied as a bacterial resistant coving with a coloured antibacterial over coating system
Has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance, with a medium resistance for impact at higher thickness of application
Can also be used for small repairs to concrete floor in sterile areas
Seamless, dust free, hygienic and non-slip surface
High early strength, hence floor can be used quickly
Can be used in preparation of perimeter edge coving upto a height of 225 mm

Joint Design Criterion :
All expansion joints , movement joints are to be brought over through subsequent flooring system & to be treated with elastomeric sealants. All other stable joints (dummy joints, etc) are to be filled up prior to lay the coving as per the designed thickness. Joints should be cleaned and then prepared.
Consult technical team for detailed specification in case of other type of joints.

Method of Application :

1. Surface Preparation
Surface must be sound, dry, free from laitance, grease, oil and any other contamination by using wire brushing or by any mechanical means.

2. Mixing of Coving

Every 17 kg unit contains Base - 1.77 kg, Hardener - 610 gms & Filler - 14.62 kg.}}
First mix thoroughly the entire contents of hardener into the base container until a homogeneous mix is obtained.
Blend the filler aggregates in the bag manually contained in the bag and then add the filler slowly to the previously mixed resin and hardener container. Mix with a paddle attached heavy duty, slow speed drilling machine to get a homogeneous mix of the screed.
Material must be applied within the pot life period

3. Application
Overlay Stanrose® Epoxy Coving on the applied primer when it is tacky.
Spread it uniformly within the marking made according to the desired dimension (ex- 100 mm height by 100 mm width) by using a steel trowel / Cornie. Keep more material at the junction for the curvature .
Use a plastic / wooden rounded coving roller to roll on the material to & fro to obtain desired curvature
Use proper pressure on the roller & extra material to maintain the desired compacted thickness , smoothness at all areas of the coving .
Over coating can be taken up after 24 hours of application, ensuring that high spots, undulations, cold joint marks, roller marks are properly rubbed down using mechanical means & duly filled up by epoxy putty.

4. Cleaning
Stanrose® Epoxy Coving should be removed from tools and equipment with epoxy solvent, immediately after use.

5. Curing
Foot traffic after 24 hours, full traffic when fully cured after 7 days at 30?C

 Precautions & limitations :
Precautions & Limitations
Material should be mixed and laid within the stipulated pot life
Part mixing of material is not recommended
No dilution of product is recommended
Full use of the system can be done after 7 days

Technical Information :



Pot life 30 min at 30?C
Foot Traffic After 24 hrs
Compressive Strength 80 N/ mm2 at 7 days
Flexural Strength 27 N/ mm2 at 7 days
Tensile Strength 14 N/ mm2 at 7 days
Full Cure & Chemical Resistance 7 days at 30?C
Over Coating Time Min 6 hrs at 30?C
Application Temp preferably 15?C to 35?C

Anti Bacterial Efficacy Test :
The antibacterial activity exhibited by the test shown a bacterial reduction of 99.9% as per test certificate from reputed Laboratory.

Coverage :
Generally 5.6 running mt to 4.25 running mt per 17 kg pack for 100 mm x 100 mm size coving.
Material consumption is highly depending on the curvature desired.

Shelf life & storage :
Stanrose® Epoxy Coving has a shelf life of 12 months if kept in a dry, cool store in the original, unopened packs.

Health & Safety Precautions :
SKIN CONTACT : Wash skin with soap & water. Remove contaminated cloths. See medical attention if irritation persists.
EYE CONTACT : Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Eyelids should be held away from the eyeball to ensure thorough rinsing. Consult Physician if irritation persist.
INHALATION : Move the subject to fresh air. If breathing is difficult or not breathing, give artificial respiration. Obtain medical attention.
INGESTION : Do not induce vomiting. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Call a Physician.
NOTE TO PHYSICIAN : There is no specific antidote. Treatment should be given symptomatically on the clinical conditions.
FIRE  EXTINGUISHING MEDIA  : Use Foam, Dry Chemical Powder, or CO2 to extinguish the fire in case of any.
THERMAL DECOMPOSITION PRODUCT : These products may be toxic. May yield acrid smoke and irritating gases with oxides of carbon and other toxic vapours.
SPECIAL FIRE FIGHTING PROCEDURE : It is advisable to use self contained breathing apparatus or equivalent [MS MS HA/ NIOS NIOS NIOS NIOS H - approved] with full protective clothing.
UNUSUAL FIRE AND EXPLOSION HAZARDDS : Use water spray to cool the containers. Material can form }}explosive mixture with air in hot condition.



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