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STANROSE® EPOGROUT                                                                                       
Ultra High Strength Pourable Epoxy Resin Grout

Product Description :
STANROSE® EPOGROUT is three component a highly filled free flowing ultra high strength epoxy grout. It is solvent free pre packed ready to use high strength nonshrink pourable filled grouting system. STANROSE® EPOGROUT has the better flow properties at lower temperature, this improved fluidity together with its longer usable life enable it to be placed in awkward and inaccessible gaps. STANROSE® EPOGROUT is supplied as the resin hardener & filler. The grout has a creamy consistency and his readily powered or trowelled when mixed. STANROSE® EPOGROUT has excellent bonding property with steel and concrete it has negligible shrinkness and STANROSE® EPOGROUT is excellent chemical and weathering resistance.

Composition :
STANROSE® EPOGROUT is a combination of epoxy resin with blended hardness and graded fillers.

Purpose :

STANROSE® EPOGROUT is meant for the precision grouting of cranes, tracks, heavy machinery, heavy duty rails, studs and dowel bars, fixing bolts and anchors. STANROSE® EPOGROUT is also used for bonding concrete to concrete and concrete to steel.

Yeild : 10 kgs pack yield approx 5 ltrs of grout.
Packing : 10 kgs (3 Components)

Advantage :
Free Flow
Ultra high Strength
Excellent adhesion to steel and concrete.
Excellent weathering and chemical resistance.
Pre-packed and ready to use.
Self cured material
Resistance vibration and impact

Strength Results :

  Ultimate Strength at 30oC   N/mm 2
Compressive : 3 - 4 hrs. max.
Tensile : 10 - 20 minutes.
Flexural : 40 ? 50 μ/ coat.

Where to use :
Machine based plates and crane ? rail grouting
Fixing bolts and anchors
Joining concrete to concrete and concrete to steel
Anchoring to steel reinforcements, girders and post-tensioned cables in concrete and stone.

Storage Life :
STANROSE® EPOGROUT may be stored for 12 months in manufacturer's unopened sealed containers in dry condition above 10 Deg C and out of direct sunlight.

Technical Data :
Form - Liquid and Powder
Colour -Brown
Density - Approx 108 kg/ltr
Potlife - 30 mins at 27 C
Viscosity -135 poise at 15 C
Application Temp - 10C to 45C

Method of Use :
Surface application : Surface should be sound, free from any contaminations, resistance, oil and grease.
As supplied the grout consists of 3 components, the hardener should be added to the resin and the two components thoroughly mixed preferable with mechanical means until a uniform liquid is obtained then add filler and continue mixing until homogenous flowing mortar achieved. No Surface priming is necessary the material should be allowed to stand for 5 min. Prior to use to allow deaeration to occur for large volume apply in more than on layer.

Handling Precautions : Cleanliness in handling epoxy resin is essential to prevent skin irritation. Wear goggles & use gloves.



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