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Stanrose® ASF  (Antistatic / Electrostatic Flooring )                                                          
Electrostatic Dissipative Industrial Flooring

Product Description :
STANROSE® ASF is a four pack easy to apply, solvent free resin based floor topping laid at 2mm or 3mm. It is specially formulated as part of an antistatic system.

 Uses :
To provide a hard wearing, seamless, antistatic floor with an electrical resistance in the range 5 x 104 -108 ohms.

Product Advantages :
Meets BS 2050 Antistatic requirements.
Seamless and hygienic finish, no crevices where dirt and bacteria can dwell.
Excellent chemical resistance to sugars and acids.
Easy to clean and sterilize, low maintenance requirements.
High abrasion resistance.
Solvent free; low odour.

Physical Characteristics :

  Application   Steel Trowel / Roller
  Mixing Ratio   As directed on container
  Pot Life   20-30 minutes @ 250 C
  Compressive Strength   > 55 N/mm2
  Flexural Strength   > 33 N/mm2
  Tensile Strength   > 15 N/mm2
  Bond Strength   > Cohesive strength of concrete
  Water Adsorption   0%
  Abrasion Resistance   < 0.05mm
  Impact Resistance   < 0.5mm
  Decontamination Classification   Good
  Electrical resistance   5 x 104-108 ohms

Method of Application :
STANROSE® system should be installed by approved contractors. Following information should be used as a guideline.

1. Surface Preparation
The long-term durability of the applied STANROSE® ASF is dependent on the adhesive bond achieved between the flooring material and substrate. It is most important therefore, that substrate surfaces is correctly prepared prior to application.

a) New concrete or cementations substrates should have been placed at least 28 days and have a moisture content of less than 5% before topping with STANROSE® ASF.
b) Before application, the surface to be coated, should be free from loose particles, rust, oils, grease, or earlier coatings and should be thoroughly dry.
c) After surface is dry, all repair work like sealing of joints, crack filling of cavities and crevices should be carried out.
d) If the surface is Tremix or smooth surface then Shot Blasting is carried out to make the surface rough in order to enhance the bonding of the primer.

2. priming
The surface should be fully sealed and primed using two coats of recommended primer.
Earthing points should be installed (including a grid of conductive copper tape if required) and the floor coated with Antistatic Primer.
Electrical resistance should be tested prior to over coating.

3. Mixing
Pour the total contents of Hardener B into the Base A and drain thoroughly. Mix by use of drill mixer. Do not mix by hand.
Transfer the mixed Base and Hardener into a mixer and add Filler C while mixing. When uniform, add in Filler D and mix for 1 minute until uniform.
Care must be taken not to use a high speed drill due to which increased air entrainment will occur.

3. Application
Spread the mixture on the floor immediately to the required thickness by means of rollers and serrated trowels.
The floor should be rolled by a spike roller to remove trapped air.

Special Conditions :
Colours :
We shall always endeavour to supply the material in the colour shade ordered. However exact matching will not be possible.
Batch to batch colour variation may occur. Ensure that materials for final application are always drawn from the same batch.
Where colour matching is required over more than one order or delivery. Stanrose Technical department must be contacted prior to placing the order(s) and the requirement stated clearly on all orders relating to the project (s).

Temperatures :
For best results and easy laying the STANROSE® ASF should be stored and used at temperatures between 100 C 250 C.
It is not advisable to lay below 70 C or above 300 C.

Substrate Requirements
Must be of sufficient strength to support loads applied through the topping.
Must be free from rising damp.
All contamination must be removed to give a clean dry textured surface.

Packaging :
14.6 kgs composite packs consisting of Base A, Hardener B, Filler C and Filler D. It can be supplied in Bulk packing also.

Storage & Shelf Life
Stored unopened in dry conditions at 10 - 250 C, shelf life will be 12 months minimum.

Handling & Safety
Take normal precautions to avoid skin contact. Provide well ventilated conditions or use suitable respiratory protection. Wash thoroughly with a suitable resin removing cream any areas where product comes into contact with skin followed by washing with soap and water. Splashes in the eyes should be well flushed out at least 10 minutes with water or a proprietary eye wash and medical attention sought. This product is flammable and should be kept away from sparks and naked flames Smoking is strictly prohibited as product is flammable.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the specifications. Stanrose products are guaranteed against material manufacture and are sold subject to company's Terms and Conditions of Sale. Whilst we endeavour to ensure that advice, specifications, recommendations and information given is correct, we cannot have control over how our products are applied and will not accept liability, directly or indirectly.



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