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 Stanrose®Water Proofing System( Proof 2k )                                                                                                                

Product Description :
Two component water based system for waterproofing & wall coating.

General :
Water Barrier coat is two component water based, breathable system with excellent bonding properties to the wet substrate.

Application :
1. Water proofing interior and exterior - of concrete, concrete blocks, brick, fibre cement sheeting, walls and floors.
2. Wall coating for partition wall.
3. Primer onto wet concrete.

Processing Method : Applied by brush, roller or conventional spray equipment.

Advantages :
Suitable for potable water application
Clean up with water
Excellent adhesion to damp or dry surfaces, including freshly poured concrete.
Non flammable
Can be over-coated with conventional paints.
Can be developed as an excellent coating by adding compatible pigments to achieve desired colour results

Precautions :
Water Barrier coat should not be used if substrate temperature is less than 15o C
For optimum results it is always advisable that sufficient air circulation is provided for
Ensure complete drying and curing of coating.
Pre-wet the substrate before commencing application of Water Barrier coat

Properties of Components :

  Resin Component (Component A)
  Appearance    White Homogeneous Liquid  
  Specific Gravity @ 25o C   1.5 + 0.05 -  
  Viscosity @ 25o C (mPa.s)


  IOS 2555
  Non Volatile Content %   65 - 1   ET 4
  Hardener Component (Component B)
   Appearance   Beige/Tan Opaque Liquid  
  Specific Gravity @ 25o C   0.95+ 0.05 -  
  0 Viscosity @ 25oC (mPa.s)   65000 - 110000   IOS 255

Store the components at 18-25oC, in tightly sealed and dry, if possible, in original containers. Under these conditions, the product has a shelf life of at least 12 months. Partly emptied containers should be closed tightly immediately after use.

For information on waste disposal and hazardous product of decomposition in the event of fire, refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for these particular product.

1. Surface Pre-treatment
Concrete: Should be free from grease and oil if necessary, clean with industrial grade degreasing agents. Once clean, steps must be taken to remove laitance, this is best carried out by using:
1.1 High pressure water or wet grit blast. It is not necessary to dry the concrete before applying the Water Barrier coat .Damaged surface should be repaired. Prime with water Barrier coat. While still tacky fill voids with a mortar made 1 part mix to 2 parts sand / cement mix. Leave at least two hours before over coating with Water Barrier coat. If sanding required leave a minimum of 12 hours.

2. Painted Surface
Steps should be taken to remove all paint from the surface.
2.1 Concrete & Masonry The surface may be either flame-cleaned, or mechanically treated with a scotching tool.

3. Brick, sandstone, plaster
Brick etc, should be clean and free from dust, loose material and efflorescence.

4. Fibre Cement
Should be cleaned and free from dust.

MIXING RATIO of Component A to Component B is
                          1 : 1 by Volume
                          1.5 : 1 by Weight

Application Procedure :

Mix Ratio (by Volume)

1st Coat 2nd Coat
  Component A 1 1
  Component B 1 1
  Tap Water 1 0.5

The resin and hardener should be thoroughly mixed together in equal portion by volume. Water is than added to reduce the mix to the desired consistency to a maximum of 1 part water to 1 part of resin/hardener mix.

Note : These water addition should be adhered to, for best water proofing results.

It is essential that the correct mixing ratio be used and that the resin and hardener are thoroughly mixed together before use. Inaccuracies will result in a lowering of the physical properties of the cured system and if the error is sufficiently great, the system may not cure sufficiently.

Usable Life :
Usable life :              45-60 minutes @ 25o C
Note :  Should not be used if temperature of substrate is below 15 oC, not be subjected to normal traffic/use in less than 7 days at normal temperature.

Coverage smooth surface             1st coat                  4 - 6 m2 per liter
                                                                 2nd coat                5 - 7 m2 per liter

This coverage depends on surface porosity and water addition. Decrease in coverage by up to 50% on rough surface can be expected.

Cure Time :
Cure Time @ 25o C              Initial Cure                   12 - 24 hours
                                                      Full Cure                           7 days

Recoat Time :
Under normal conditions second coat may be applied after 2 hours but no longer than 24 hours.

Epoxy systems tend to yellow on exposure to ultra-violet light, for external decorative application, it is recommend that water Barrier coat be over coated with a conventional paint system.

Allow at least 24 hours cure before applying conventional house paints wall paper, floor coverings etc.

Colouring :
Water Barrier coat is white in colour. But it may be pigmented to pastel shade with standard tinters for emulsion paints

Clean Up :
Any spillages should be cleaned up as they occur. Use dry sand or sawdust to soak up bulk of large spillages, and deposit in to waste drums. Clean up small spillages before they set with warm water and detergent.

Handling Precaution :


Stanrose advance Material products are generally quite harmless to handle provided that certain precautions normally taken when handling chemicals are observed. The uncured material must not, for instance, be allowed to come into contact with foodstuffs or food utensils, and measured should also be taken to prevent the uncured materials from coming into contact with skin, since people with particularly sensitive skin may be affected. The wearing or impervious rubber or plastic gloves will normally be necessary; likewise the use of eye protection. The skin should be thoroughly cleansed at the end of each working period by washing with soap and warm water. The use of solvents is to be avoided. Disposable paper - not cloth towels should be used to dry the skin. Adequate ventilation of the working area is recommended. Please refer to Stanrose Advance Materials Material Data sheets for the individual products. These publications are available on request and should be referred to for fuller information.

First Aid :
Obtain and read the Material Safety Data Sheets that are available for these products before using them.
If swallowed, DO NOT induces vomiting. Drink copious amounts of water and contact a doctor or the Poison Inflation Centre.
If the material enters eyes, flood with water for at least 15 minutes, than consult doctor.
If skin rashes or allergic responses (such as wheezing, swelling) occur, consult a doctor.

Integral Liquid Water-proofing compound, free from Chlorides

Stanrose proof 2k Integra Liquid
Is an integral liquid admixture for concrete with good plasticizing properties. The Integra liquid + gauging water to be added to wet concrete or mortar. This product conforms to IS 2645. The admixture of Integra Liquid in the concrete brings about contraction of capillaries thereby minimizing permeability and increase the water-proofing characteristics of concrete and cement mortar

Area of Application :
Water retaining structures
Water-proofing of toilets, bathrooms and other wet areas
Terraces, parapets, chajjas
All areas requiring water-proof treatments

Features & Benefits :
Easily dispersible in concrete / mortar mixes
Reduces water content in the mix
Improved impermeability results in durable & cohesive concrete / mortar
Improves strength of concrete / mortar
Does not affect the setting characteristics of cement / concrete mortar mixes
Free from chlorides

Method of Application :
Add 100 ml of Integra liquid per 50 kg bag of cement
Mix directly into the gauging water
Preferably use mixer for preparing the mortar / concrete
Mix the content for 2-3 min to get homogeneous mix
Cure the surface as per standard practices

Technical Information :
Total solid content : 26+ / -2%
Specific gravity : 1.12 + / -0.02

Precautions :
Do not add Integra Liquid directly to the cement
Maintain water-cement ratio as low as possible

Packaging :
100ml, 500ml, 1ltr, 2.5ltr, 5ltr, 20ltr, 100ltr, 200ltr

Note : The information in this leaflet is given in good faith, but without warranty, as condition of storage and use may vary beyond our control.



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