• Surface Coatings
    A substance applied to other materials to change the surface properties, such as color, gloss, resistance to wear or chemical attack, or permeability, without changing the bulk properties.

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  • Marine Chemicals
    A worldwide provider of marine chemicals, testing equipment, water treatment, tank cleaners (IMO 590 approved), raw materials and related products for the merchant marine industry.

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  • Stanrose Special Chemicals
    We're a major producer of specialty chemicals with leadership positions in many markets. We make sure that industries worldwide are supplied with high quality ingredients and process aids for the industrial applications.

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  • Industrial LED Lights
    Stanrose Industrial LED lights, not just for industrial units that may be open 24 hours a day, but for offices operating core working hours the potential to waste energy is very real.

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Your customers demand the best - and that's what we deliver. At Stanrose Envirotech India Pvt. Ltd., we understand our customers' need for the best. The challenges of a fluctuating, worldwide economy are many. Every rupees and every sale is precious. Our customers expect the best from us so they can compete in today's ever-evolving industrial marketplace. That's when Stanrose is invaluable. When you need the best - we deliver.

We have consistently provided our clients with the highest quality industrial products like Epoxy Flooring Chemicals, PU Wall Coating Chemicals, Marine  Chemicals, Cleaning Chemicals and LED lights and Fire rated Doors for over 5 years. We believe in building lasting relationships by partnering with our Distributors, channel partners, suppliers and customers around the globe to form strong alliances. This practice translates into better sourcing and competitive pricing. Establishing a relationship with our partners  will put a quarter-century of experience and expertise to work for our customers. Stanrose is one of the top chemicals and lighting based companies in the world. We work hard to live up to that reputation. We will make every effort to be your most valuable asset and dependable resource.